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The Destiny of Ethan King

A university professor discovers the notes of a little-known 12th century alchemist detailing the creation of a mystical substance called Universal Matter. This substance is capable of generating unlimited energy and has the power to either end humanity’s greatest problems, or destroy us all. The ancient documents claim that, when the time is right, one human soul will be given the ability to create Universal Matter. His name is Ethan King. 

Thrown into a world in which the boundaries between good and evil are blurred, Ethan is left with no choice but to embark on a mystical adventure with potentially global consequences. Complications arise in the form of supernatural abilities, past life flashbacks and personal tragedy. 

The Destiny of Ethan King is a contemporary fantasy story laced with esoteric principles and a sprinkling of humour. 


Paperback and ebook editions available from Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and others.

Pembleton, PhD

When Dr. Genevieve Pembleton enters village journalist Tristan Limb’s life in the most unexpected of fashions, a whole new, strange world opens up to him. These are the accounts of four of their adventures together, as documented by Tristan himself. 


The Case of the Disappearing Scarlett Limb: 

The life of Crokeville Gazette feature writer Tristan Limb is rudely interrupted when a bizarre and fascinating woman enters his life and leads him into the world of the supernatural. 

Attack of the Killer Werebil: 

Something small and sinister inhabits the eerie blackness of a small town in the west of Scotland on the night of a new moon and it’s up to Doctor Genevieve Pembleton and her intrepid sidekick Tristan Limb to investigate. 

Elf and Beauty: 

Tristan travels to the Lake District to spend Christmas with his father and his father’s new twenty-six-year-old beauty therapist girlfriend, Cindy. Things take an unexpected turn when an uninvited guest of the paranormal variety makes an appearance. 

When H.A.R.R.I. Met S.A.L.I.: 

The dust is settling after the stresses of the Christmas period and Tristan Limb is looking forward to getting back to his journalistic work when Cuthbert decides to upgrade Pembleton Towers' computer systems, with disastrous consequences. 

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